The First-Ever Virtual Pharmacy Platform

Medixly brings pharmacists and their patients closer than they’ve ever been

Quarantine your pharmacy services no more! With Medixly, easily manage your daily communications with your patients in a safe, secure, and reliable online platform so you can deliver the best care possible to them and their families.

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About us

Medixly is a Canadian company that provides virtual solutions to help independent pharmacies and their patients stay connected on a secure and user-friendly platform. With this online platform, patients can now choose the pharmacist they trust, not just any central or online pharmacy, and pharmacists can quickly respond and deliver personalized care to their patients.

We believe that pharmacists play a crucial role in our healthcare system as the most accessible primary healthcare provider. And there is currently an increase in demand for health services, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, so pharmacies are looking for new ways to deliver patient care and not only meds.

But building a website or a mobile application as a pharmacy can be expensive, time-consuming, and overwhelming. So, we take the burden off your shoulders.

Our Mission

Our mission is to future proof your pharmacy with the rise of the virtual healthcare.

How much Does This Cost?

  • Limited (beta) edition


    69.99 /MO

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    1 Month
  • Full edition


    129.99 /MO

    Coming soon
  • Enterprise edition

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1Virtual medication review

Patients can schedule a virtual medication review through the app, and you can notify your patients whenever they are due for their annual medication review.

2Unlimited patients and video calls

There are no limitations on the number of patients selecting your pharmacy or any extra charges for video and audio calls or messages used.

3PIPEDA/PHIPA compliant

Medixly is designed to keep patient and pharmacy information safe and confidential. All your communication is encrypted, and there are so many other features to protect your patient’s information.

4IOS/Android/Web-app based platform.

Medixly is available to use as a Web-app on any device for pharmacies. It is available for patients as a mobile application to download for free on both Apple and Play Store.

frequently asked questions

Medixly is an online pharmacy platform that allows pharmacies to manage their telecommunications with patients via video/audio calls, messaging and notifications. Patients can schedule a virtual medication review, submit new prescriptions and request refills, and so much more.

Pharmacies will also have access to crucial patient information like prescribed medications, special populations, and critical medications.

Simply sign up as a pharmacy for Medixly, and you will become available on our mobile app. Then you can ask your patients to download the app and select your pharmacy so they can communicate with you via the pharmacy portal.

Also, you will be available for other patients in your area who are using the app. They can see your information such as the services you provide, dispensing fee, hours of operation, pharmacist picture, and reviews, and easily transfer their file to your pharmacy.

We will send you a poster to hang on your store's window, thereby informing walk-in patients that you provide virtual pharmacy care.

If you are pharmacist, we will verify your personal and business information to make sure that you’re eligible to provide patient care before granting you access to our web-app (pharmacy portal). We require a personal ID picture, accreditation, and pharmacist license number.

As a patient looking for pharmacy care during the lockdown, Medixly is available as a free app for both IOS and Android.

Medixly is available for a monthly subscription fee. There are no contracts or commitments, and you can easily cancel your account at any time.

To cancel your Medixly subscription, send us an email at

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